I have decided to close Profotbot Pro.

For the past 9 months I have spent my own money, month after month, to give you a FREE place to get accurate information on CN Altcoins - coins that do not exist on nealry any other website. I have put in 40-50 hours every week - more than $70,000 worth of my time, and professional skills. I've developed a calc site, profit mining software, a portfolio manager for the coins I list, an API that gets around 300,000 hits per day, and PANDA - which was meant to benefit the entire community. All of this was FREE for everyone to use.

The pools do not want to play fairly. The ones with more than 50% traffic (nearly every network, major and minor), do not want to lose customers due to greed. They are making a decentralized network, centralized, which means they are making a conscious decision to fuck the community over. When everyone remains bunched up on 1 server, it can only lead to bad things.

The miners do not want to switch pools, because they want the fast blocks, and subsequent faster payments. They too are fucking over the network by bunching up in 1 pool.

The networks, and project owners themselves, do very little to even out the network. Only a very small group of project owners actively monitor, and attempt to distribute hashrate (CCX is good about this).

We have exchanges, who manipulate volume and trades. Some of the coin owners pay extra for these "volume boosters", to get trading going (fake trades and volumes). This is dishonest and criminal.

So if the pools, miners, and owners of the network/currencies aren't doing anything to fix the current situation, and surrounding issues....... why should I? I'm done pissing up a rope, it's exhausting!

There's many more reasons, why I'm done, but I do not feel like writing any more of a book. In short; the corruption, greed, dishonesty, and self-entitlement has gotten to be more than I care to tolerate.

We have such amazing technology, at our fingertips, that so many bad actors use to steal from and exploit the rest of us, instead of for the greater good of the planet.

Take care and thanks for using my products. :)